What do the warning lights in the car mean?

All cars are equipped with different warning lights that you need to be aware of when illuminated. Understanding this information will be life saving and important for each driver.

However, not all of them necessarily indicate that something is seriously wrong. However, it can become quite serious if you completely ignore the lamps and do not understand what they mean and do something about it.

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Red- STOP !

You should stick to the side, then as soon as possible. Red lamp indicates a serious error. Contact your car dealer or workshop immediately.

Yellow- Take action!

You should investigate the error. Yellow lamp indicates a minor error. Examine the error in the instruction manual or contact your workshop when you get home.

Green- Requires no action !

Green lamp simply indicates information that is useful for you to know.

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What is the significance of the car’s warning lights?

Brakes !

If this symbol is lit, either the brake fluid is low or the brakes are worn. The handbrake may also be applied in some cases. Call your workshop if the lamp continues to light after you have checked the handbrake first.

Battery !

If this symbol is lit, there is either a malfunction or the battery has run out. This may be because the generator is not working or power supply problems.
Turn off electronic equipment such as radio and air conditioning before driving to your workshop.

Oil !

If this symbol is lit, there is either low oil pressure or the car lacks engine oil. If there is too little oil on the car, you risk major damage to the engine. Stop the car and keep to the side – after 10 min. you can measure the oil level in the car and possibly fill new engine oil. Remember that it is extremely important to refill the engine oil that suits your particular car.

Tyre Pressure !

Here, incorrect tire pressure is indicated. This can result in uneven tire wear and thus longer braking distance and greater fuel consumption. You should therefore check the pressure in all tires and have it regulated. Your workshop can help.

Coolant !

This symbol indicates that the temperature in the engine is either too high or that the car lacks coolant. Stop the car if the symbol is red and hold to the side to avoid unnecessary engine damage. Then contact your workshop. You can also check your car coolant level yourself to see if it has coolant.

ABS (Anti Block System) !

There is a fault with the car’s ABS system. It may also be because there is an error in the ESP function. In most cases, the brakes still work, but probably without the help of ABS. Therefore, drive to your workshop and have it inspected and repaired.

Electronic Stability Program !

If this symbol is lit, the stabilization program is active. This may be due to either wet or slippery surfaces under the car. Therefore, avoid emergency braking, instead take your foot off the accelerator pedal to slow down.

Airbags !

Here it indicates that there are either errors with the car’s airbag or harness straps. In some cases it may also be due to a child car seat on the front seat.

Seat Belt !

One or more passengers have not fastened the seat belt. The symbol disappears as soon as all passengers are wearing a harness.


In addition to the warning lights, there are also some other lights that can be lit. For example, when the car lacks fuel, when the long lights are on, etc. It is just important to pay attention and react if the dashboard lights up with various lights so you can drive safely on.

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