Seller’s Guide

Five important steps toward a safe car sell: 

Some important points that you may, as a car seller be aware of.

We have enclosed an overview of the important steps to take, to have a problem-free, safe and secure car deal in Afghanistan. 

  1. Good pricing 
  2. Propper preparing and photography
  3. Announcement
  4. Questions and providing information
  5. Payment and transfer

Good pricing 

  • A lot of factors are very important in determining the price of your vehicle. For example, the brand, model, color, km, number plates, documents, additional equipment and accessories installed in the vehicle, as well as issues such as current market demand, type of vehicle and finally vehicle tax changes also play an important role in determining the rate.
  • A good way to find out the right price for your car is to search the current market price of similar cars with the same condition as yours. Of course, the real price of your car is the same amount that the potential buyers are willing to pay at a certain time in exchange of your car.

Preparing and photography of the car:

Before your car is ready to be advertised, it’s important to make sure you have sufficient information about your car, and it is also recommended that you prepare a number of good photos from the best directions that will show your current car’s status. Do not over exaggerate about your car because it will disappoint the purchaser when they visit your car.

‌Before adding your advertisement, consider the following steps. 

  • Find out about repairs, and installation of car accessories in your car: Have you invested on the equipment in your car, or have you done any repair in your car, if it is, it is advisable to include in your description.
  • Clean and clear your car: Good pictures of the vehicle are important to attract the attention of the buyer. Find a good view to take photos of your car. It is to mention that the photo from the following angles gives a good visibility to the buyer:
  • Direct front photo of the car with wheels rotated toward camera
  • Photo of your car from side
  • Photo of your car from rear showing the sides the same time
  • Photo of the dashboard and corrected steering wheel 
  • Photo of the front seats
  • Photo of the rear seats
  • Picture of the car boot/trunk/toolbox
  • And the photo of the special accessories available in the car


You can easily take photos of your car using your smartphone, most of these phones are equipped with high quality cameras and; secondly, you can easily and quickly upload images from your phone to our website.


Now you are ready to create your own announcement and upload photos taken with your phone or cameras. At this point, consider the following:

  • Get your announcement photos with smartphones, and start using your phone, computer, or laptop by accessing the website and uploading it to your account by clicking on Add Post and follow the steps.
  • Write your own announcement title, easy and accurately. This will increase your chance that a user will find your car during searches. Remember to write honestly about the car faults too. Also, write down your own unique features and accessories of your car in tags and description. 
  • Even if you made the best advertisement, there are chances that few people are contacting you. The reason may be that there are other sellers that sell a similar car at a cheaper price. Our recommendation is to monitor and follow the comments of visitors and potential buyers, and if necessary, change or edit the text of the announcement or price.

Questions and providing information: 

In the absence of sales experience, answering the questions, bargaining and negotiating with the customer, is often one of the things that may be difficult for some people. You also need to keep in mind that there are risks that you will deal with a fraudulent buyer, so keep in mind the following tips when talking to a potential buyer:

  • Do not answer foreign phone numbers because Afghan cars does not have buyers abroad
  • If the buyer does not want to come and see the car himself, you should be a little alert. Do not transport your car to places that are not safe because It is more likely that you face a cheater.
  • Test drive a car is a must. It is therefore recommended that you should never let others test your car without your presence or trusted friend of you. And there should always be a guarantee before you give the car for test drive.
  • We also recommend that you should not let someone to test-drive your car who does not have a driver’s license, because your will be responsible for any consequences.

Payment and transfer:

We recommend that you as a seller follow the below points:

  • Make sure you have car related documents.
  • As a seller, you must have the original permit with all the keys to the car.
  • We recommend that you use the official paper of contract and confirm that all warranties and conditions of sale are incorporated.
  • Also, before signing the contract, make sure of the technical and legal matters and all payments of your car, and then sign the contract. This means that you will be responsible for any damage to the vehicle until the time of signing the contract.
  • Finally, we suggest that you receive the sale price for your car through a bank transfer to your account, and then give the vehicle, keys, documents, and vehicle sales document to the buyer.


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