Why using CARS.AF in Afghanistan.

CARS.AF is the first and leading online vehicle market in Afghanistan with its presence in Kabul connecting potential customers to the sellers of cars in Afghanistan.

Cars.af is developed based on the practical need of car dealers and car buyers in Afghanistan and it addressed the need of car owners for repairing their cars by finding the nearest best mechanics. Additionally, it offers the mechanics to list themselves and the services they offer to customers or car owners, eventually, it helps mechanics to attract customers from a broad range of viewers among cars.af users.

By registering your car at cars.af website you will be able to attain the following benefit:

  • Cars.af is easy to understand and operate; This website has been designed to be user-friendly so that anyone who does not have prior experience of posting online can register their cars with cars.af.
  • Cars.af is free and always be: YES it is free! Anyone can register/post his noncommercial ad at cars.af basic list any time without being charged.
  • Using cars.af to sale your car will enable you to reach a large number of buyers across Afghanistan or within your province so that you will have the choices to pick the best deal among others.

Search cars for sale or rent in Afghanistan using CARS.AF will help you to reach:

  • Cars.af efficiently find your dream car using minimum time, effort, and budget
  • Cars.af enable you to have access to a broad set of data for the latest cars advertised for sales in Kabul and other provinces and for the best and high rated mechanics in your nearest area.
  • Cars.af effortlessly allow you to find a customer (buyer) for your car while you can concentrate to or attend your business activity, study, or work.
  • And last but not least, if you are the person who always changes his car, then cars.af is the best and only choice for you because using cars.af you can swap, sell, and buy cars easily while operating behind your desk.

It is free and always be.

See you soon !

Best Regards,
CARS.AF team,


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