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I think this website is a pioneer in online business in Afghanistan.
 You can post your car for sale in Kabul, but people are contacting you from all over the Afghanistan. The good with this website is, that its made only for selling or buying cars in Afghanistan. In future you may not need to go to find your desired mechanics aswell. You probably directly contact your mechanic for an appointment.
Iqbal Koshan
Facebook member of cars.af page
همه بازار ها آهسته آهسته به شیوه آنلاین میگردد. مارکیت و بازار موتر از این نکته مستثنی نیست. آهسته اهسته افغانستان هم با مارکیت آنلاین میپیوندد. به امید آبادی آفغانستان
All markets are slowly developing to be online. Afghan car bazar is not excluded from this point. Slowly we are joining the online market.
Abdulla Samadi
Car dealer in Kabul